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A patent infringement claim that won’t disappear in 24 hours

Southern California's Snapchat is an anomaly in many ways. Its product is designed to disappear from users’ devices within 24 hours. The popular social media phenomenon also has no corporate headquarters, a rarity in an age when Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon show off their wealth and power with lavish company campuses.

Responding to intellectual property infringement

Most entrepreneurs in California and around the country understand the importance of intellectual property and take steps to protect it, but they are often unsure about what to do when their logos, branding, formulas, inventions or trade secrets are used by others without their permission. Pursuing intellectual property litigation can be costly without guarantee of a successful outcome, so entrepreneurs may be wise to attempt to resolve this kind of dispute amicably before involving the courts.

Federal judge allows embedded photo copyright case to advance

Copyright protections enable many people and organizations in California to earn an income. The ruling of a U.S. District Court judge surprised media observers when she chose not to halt a photographer's case against multiple media outlets. The photographer had filed suit claiming that the defendants violated his copyright when they embedded a tweet with his photo of an athlete into their news reports.

Uber settlement with Waymo

Residents of California who follow the news coming out of Silicon Valley may have heard that Uber has been spending the past year tied up in litigation over its driverless car technology; the company suing Uber, Waymo, has been claiming that Uber stole its proprietary technology. Recently, the case was settled, and Uber agreed to pay Waymo $245 million in equity, giving the plaintiff, along with its parent company, a 0.34 percent equity stake in Uber.

Beatles' companies file suit against online counterfeit vendors

California is the home of the entertainment industry, and that industry can also spawn disputes over copyrights, trademarks and counterfeit fan-oriented merchandise. The Beatles have filed a lawsuit against 48 different websites for selling counterfeit fan gear with the band's logo, work or other trademarks. The suit, filed by the band's companies Apple Corps and Subafilms, lists a number of internet vendors and aliases that the band alleges have sold items that feature imitations of Beatles merchandise and images.

Grumpy Cat case resolved for $710,000

Grumpy Cat Limited won a $710,000 award for copyright and trademark infringement by Grenade Beverage. The amount was decided by a jury verdict in the Central District of California court on Jan. 23. In 2013, Grenade Beverage was given a license to use the image of Grumpy Cat to market an iced coffee called Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino. Grenade would form Grumpy Beverage as a subsidiary for the purposes of selling this beverage.

Eagles and real-life Hotel California settle dispute

An ongoing trademark battle between the famous classic US rock band, the Eagles, and a Mexican hotel calling itself Hotel California has ended. The song "Hotel California" was one of the Eagles' greatest hits and continues to be popular decades after its release in 1976. The trademark case is over after the Hotel California in Mexico withdrew its own application for a trademark on the term.

U.S. Army files trademark litigation against Las Vegas NHL team

Hockey fans in California may be enjoying the Cinderella inaugural season of the National Hockey League expansion Vegas Golden Knights, but lawyers representing the U.S. Army expressed less enthusiasm regarding the team's name and color scheme. Army lawyers have filed an intellectual property litigation action, accusing the team of trademark infringement. They claim that the Army acquired "exclusive rights" to the name as well as "common law rights" for the color combinations of black and gold as well as yellow and white in combination the name. The filing states that the trademarks were established as far back as the 1960s for the service branch's parachute team.

Recent infringement suit is the latest legal hurdle for Spotify

Music lovers in San Diego helped Spotify begin 2018 with an estimated 70 million users. However, January has seen the content-streaming company dealing with an even bigger -- but much less desirable -- number. The rights owner of a catalog including songs from Tom Petty, the Doors and Mariah Carey has initiated intellectual property litigation against Spotify, asking courts for some $1.6 billion in compensation.

Harley Davidson sues clothing company over trademark

The California-based clothing company Affliction is being sued by Harley-Davidson over alleged trademark infringement according to reports. The lawsuit is said to have been filed in a federal court in the motorcycle manufacturer's home state of Wisconsin. According to reports, Harley-Davidson chose to take legal action after being unsatisfied with Affliction's response to a cease-and-desist letter sent to the company on Oct. 18.

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