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San Diego’s Qualcomm stuns with unexpected Apple settlement

The world was anticipating a bruising fight between two tech giants in the Qualcomm v. Apple court battle when the unexpected happened and the two sides agreed to settle their differences. The settlement of the intellectual property dispute took nearly everyone by surprise, but in retrospect, it made sense for both companies – and for consumers, too.

Within hours of the surprising settlement news came another shock: Intel announced it was exiting the modem chip business, effectively handing San Diego’s Qualcomm its second major victory of the day.

Construction lawsuit stops work on massive California project

It was just a year ago that California developers to the north of San Diego were celebrating the topping out of the massive, three-tower Oceanwide Plaza project. Now construction work on the Los Angeles development has come to a complete stop, news sources say.

A construction lawsuit by a major subcontractor claims that the company is owed more than $62 million. The concrete construction division of California-based Webcor Builders says it is owed by the prime contractor Lend Lease Construction and entities owned by Oceanwide Holdings Co.

San Diego’s Qualcomm ready for more high-stakes IP litigation

Last month, two of the biggest technology companies in the world argued in front of a trade judge. San Diego’s Qualcomm prevailed in battle, though it was awarded what amounts to pocket change (a mere $31 million) after it convinced the judge that Apple had infringed on a pair of Qualcomm patents.

Qualcomm and Apple are set to go head-to-head again this month, this time in a San Diego courtroom. This time the stakes will be significantly higher for both firms in the next chapter of their ongoing legal battle over intellectual property rights.

San Diego restaurant settles dispute over surcharges

Barefoot Bar & Grill says on its website that it offers “local craft beers, refreshing cocktails, burgers, fresh seafood and salads in Barefoot Bar and Grill's laid-back, waterfront setting.” Not everyone has been happy with the eatery, however.

Lawsuits filed against the San Diego business stated that it was charging customers a hidden three percent surcharge. The city attorney’s office agreed and filed its own lawsuit; a legal action that was settled recently after the Mission Bay restaurant agreed to pay a $34,500 fine.

Tesla accuses start-up, former employees of stealing trade secrets

Two California companies very familiar with each other find themselves embroiled in a legal dispute over trade secrets. According to documents filed in court, electric automaker Tesla is accusing four former employees of stealing trade secrets and then providing them to Zoox, a start-up developing autonomous vehicle technology.

Tesla says that the use of its proprietary information has allowed Foster City’s Zoox to accelerate development of its self-driving tech. The scheme to swipe “steal Tesla’s proprietary information and trade secrets” has helped “Zoox leapfrog past years of work needed to develop and run its own warehousing, logistics, and inventory control operations,” Tesla stated in court documents.

Want to start a franchise, but don’t know how?

Starting a business can be difficult, even for experienced entrepreneurs. Many times, a concept that seems good to one person fails when presented to the market. That is a good part of why purchasing a franchise is often of interest.

If you have the financial backing necessary to start a franchise opportunity, you could benefit yourself and others, since many people find a tried-and-true business model is a great way to begin their journey to self-employment. However, if you have not started a franchise before, there are many things you will need to think about. As you begin developing your concept, you might be wise to consider the commonalities among successful franchises.

Zillow sued over hacked California real estate listing

Moments ago, there were six listings on Zillow for San Diego homes selling for $16 million and up. The top price was $30 million. But those gorgeous, frightfully expensive homes pale in comparison to the $150 million asking price for a palatial Bel Air beachfront home about 140 miles north of us.

The luxury home builder trying to sell that palace has recently filed a real estate lawsuit against Zillow after the home-sale marketing company’s active listing of the home was hacked and tampered with. The hackers “corrupted the listing price dramatically,” the seller said in the lawsuit, making it much harder to get anything close to the $150 million asking price.

California bakery settles intellectual property infringement suit

If you drive along the coast for a little more than 100 miles north of San Diego, you will come to a little slice of Hawaii. You can a bit of the island’s cuisine in Torrance, home of King’s Hawaiian bakery. The company was founded in Hawaii back in the 1950s, but moved its headquarters to California in the late 1980s.

The company famous for its sweet Hawaiian buns recently settled an intellectual property lawsuit against German grocery giant Aldi. King’s Hawaiian had alleged that Aldi infringed on its IP.

California developer prevails in commercial real estate litigation

Far north of San Diego sits the modest town of Truckee, California. Perhaps most well-known as the site of the infamous Donner Party, Truckee is now popular for its Old West-style downtown and proximity to Lake Tahoe and world-class skiing.

The town of about 16,000 residents has in recent days celebrated a victory in litigation over development of a Raley’s grocery store. A Nevada County judge recently ruled in favor of Truckee and the developer in a lawsuit filed by Protect CEQA (an organization devoted to upholding California's Environmental Quality Act) and a local business owner.

University of California deep in dispute over gene-editing IP

On one side, you have the University of California. On the side, there’s Harvard and MIT’s Broad Institute. The intellectual property dispute involving some of the nation’s premier institutes of higher learning revolves around the question of which of them will reap the rewards of their work together that resulted in CRISPR/Cas 9 discoveries.

It should be noted that CRISPR/Cas9 is a gene-editing technology scientists use to locate problematic sections of the human genetic code and swap it out with a corrected segment. The in CRISPR/Cas 9 advances offer the potential for cures and preventions of genetic diseases – and also sparked an intense, ongoing debate over the ethics of human genome editing.

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