A "Right Sized" Law Firm


Mazzarella & Mazzarella LLP is not "big law." We are, by choice, a small but extremely effective firm. Big is seldom better when selecting a law firm. Most cases are best handled by one attorney with primary responsibility for the case, and a second attorney to assist and provide backup as needed. Add a paralegal or document clerk and a legal assistant, and you have the optimal trial team for 99 percent of all cases. That is how cases are staffed at Mazzarella & Mazzarella LLP. You won't receive bills with a dozen attorneys, paralegals and clerks billing time. We carefully select, limit and manage the trial team for each case. This avoids the costs inherent in bringing extraneous people up to speed. More important, we ensure that knowledge of the critical facts and law necessary to obtain the best result resides with those who will settle or try the case, and is not spread out among many people.