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Insurance Bad Faith

The Law Offices of Daral B. Mazzarella, APC represents clients in a wide range of bad faith insurance matters. From his convenient location in the heart of downtown San Diego, Daral Mazzarella protects the rights of insured parties throughout Southern California.

Bad Faith Insurance

A claim of bad faith generally arises when an insurance company unreasonably refuses to meet its obligations under the insured's policy. An insurance company may also be held accountable if it fails to honor commitments made by its agents, even if those commitments are not contained explicitly within the policy, but there is evidence of the agent's promises. Mr. Mazzarella represents clients against their insurers in all types of bad faith claims, including:

  • Failure to promptly and thoroughly investigate a claim.
  • Unreasonable denial of benefits owed to the insured.
  • Unreasonable delay in payment of benefits to the insured.
  • Use of harsh and intimidating negotiation tactics to get the insured to accept less than to what he or she is entitled.
  • Failure to defend the insured against claims brought by others.
  • Refusal to settle a case within policy limits, causing the insured to have to submit to a trial.
  • Unreasonable interpretation of the policy language to justify the insurance company's failure to meet its obligations under the policy.

Daral Mazzarella has decades of experience fighting insurance companies of all sizes to obtain the insurance benefits his clients paid for and reasonably expected to receive. Mr. Mazzarella understands that people purchase insurance for their financial protection and peace of mind. When the insurance company fails to provide coverage as expected and contractually obligated, the client has a right to seek relief through legal means.

Mr. Mazzarella is dedicated to obtaining relief for insured individuals and businesses through aggressive negotiations and litigation. When it is in his clients' best interests, he will pursue a case through the appeals process. Mr. Mazzarella's involvement in one appellate case, Shepard v. Cal Farm, resulted in the extension of an insurance company's obligation to set forth its policy limits clearly and conspicuously for the consumer.


When the insurance company's failure to provide benefits is unjustified or unreasonable, you may be entitled to receive not only the benefits you were deprived, but also monetary damages over and above the policy benefits. This may include attorney's fees; compensation for any financial damage suffered because of the company's refusal to meet its obligations; and compensation for the worry, anxiety, frustration, anger, embarrassment, inconvenience, or other emotional distress you may have suffered. You may even recover punitive damages to punish the insurance company if its conduct was particularly egregious.

Seek Dedicated Representation

Daral Mazzarella has the experience and legal skills necessary to confront massive insurance companies and obtain the benefits to which you are entitled. To discuss your insurance bad faith claim, contact the Law Offices of Daral B. Mazzarella, APC today for a free consultation.

Insurance Bad Faith

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