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Business Litigation

For over two decades, the Law Offices of Daral B. Mazzarella has represented individuals and companies of all sizes in business litigation over financial injuries they have incurred. Based in San Diego, we are well-situated to assist clients throughout Southern California.

Business Litigation

Daral Mazzarella provides comprehensive representation in business litigation involving a wide range of clients, from private citizens to businesses of all sizes. Mr. Mazzarella has helped clients obtain settlements and verdicts worth millions in the areas of fraud, false advertising, unfair business competition, and collections disputes. In addition, Mr. Mazzarella represented the plaintiff in a case involving one of the largest settlements ($55,000,000) in the history of the False Claims Act up to that time.

No matter what the dispute, Mr. Mazzarella has the legal expertise to effectively address the issue so that a business can return its focus to daily operations.

He has successfully helped clients resolve disputes involving all types of contracts, including:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Franchise Contracts
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Financing Contracts
  • Production and Delivery Contracts

For additional information about our past successes, please view the case results page.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are an integral part of a business's daily operations. A well-written contract will enumerate the rights, responsibilities, and intent of the parties in any type of business dealing in order to prevent against future disputes and ensure continued profitability.

Despite the best efforts of a business, disputes may arise for any number of reasons. In some cases, there is a legitimate difference of opinion regarding the interpretation of the contract at issue. However, the application of law and case precedent generally makes it possible to identify the correct interpretation. Mr. Mazzarella's years of experience and vast knowledge of contract law allow him to pinpoint the key issues in a contract dispute and apply the relevant case law to achieve a persuasive argument that is in the best interest of his client.

Sometimes, unfair competition and other unfair business practices, including false advertising, may be at issue in a contract dispute. Other cases may involve fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit. One common type of fraudulent contract case involves the purchase and sale of real estate, where the seller fails to fully and adequately disclose facts which materially impact the value of a property. In these situations, the buyer will often be entitled to damages rectifying the disparity between the purchase price and actual value of the real estate, or the buyer may even be able to rescind the contract.

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